PIPA Snow Polo World Cup Tours

During the winter season, the Polo Instructors and Players Association is organising the largest international Snow Polo Tours. Events are held in the hotspots of international winter sport and tourism, such as Bad Gastein, Ramsau or Seefeld and many others in a growing number of countries. In the 2016 edition 6 out of the 12 globally most important snow polo events belong to the worlds largest tour – the PIPA Snow Polo World Cup Tour, and the tour is growing every year.


Largest Tour in Global Snow Polo

The Snow Polo World Cups as the largest and most visible polo tournament series are still growing every year. In 2017 PIPA adds the world´s one and only LADIES ON SNOW WORLD CUP TOUR to the tour calendar.

„The Formular 1 is our benchmark in regard to professionalism of marketing and event management and this means that starting from 2016 on, brands and companies can have their own teams playing on the largest and highest ranked snow polo event series in the world!“

– PIPA World President Dr. Uwe Seebacher.

Therefore the Team and Player Management will be organized and fully delivered by the two A Quechua World of Polo business divisons „Player Management“ and „Travel and Transport“. This means „one-stop-shopping“ for all partners based on their expectations in regard to team players, branding and visibility.


The PIPA is the World Association of Polo Instructors and Polo Players, similar to the ATP in Tennis or the PGA in Golf. PIPA features „non patron based“ Polo, which is the real and authentic polo sport only played at the world’s top locations such as in Argentina or England. No paying patrons are participating, rather only experienced international players. „Non patron based“ polo is fast, dynamic and a pleasure to watch, especially in the special Snow Arenas of approximately 30 x 70 meters, where the audience is right next to the action.

PIPA makes polo more accessible. Polo is the new trendsport, but needs to be brought to the people. Therefore, more and more polo events are played as Arena Polo, which means that the normal polo field size of approximately 200 x 300 meters is sized down to fields of 30 x 60 meters, up to 50 x 80 meters. During the summer season PIPA also runs some of the most prestigious Beach Polo events, such as the one held at Lignano Beach Polo Arena.


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