Day 2

GER SLK Day 2AUT ENG DAy 2 Player Lounge Day 2In the first game of the second day the German team defeated the Slovakian team 17:3. Alexandra Bencikova was ill and therefore could not play as strong as usual. Congrats and respect for playing, Alexandra. The games were fast and dynamic. Chris von Eupen for the German team had some good runs.

In the second game England won against Austria 12:8. Tim showed some nice „airshows“ with the ball. It was by far the best game of the tournament. The arena was stable and the low outside temperatures enabled a fast game. The Austrian team got better into the game as it was the first time, that Klarina and Uwe were playing together for the Austrian national team.

Even though it was cold and the weather was not nice, many spectators came to watch the games on saturday. They enjoyed the cosy atmosphere of the Veuve Clicquot Players Lounge at the Woods.


Ranking Day 2:

England 4 points
Austria 2 points
Germany 2 points
Slovakia 0 points


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