Day 3

BMW Shoot AUT GER Day 3 3 AUT GER Day 3 2 AUT GER Day 3 1Already early in the morning the arena had to be groomed as more than 20 centimeters of snow had fallen during the night.  Before the start of the finals the arena was again cleared from the snow. „The local organization is doing a great job!“ stated tournament director and PIPA president Dr. Uwe Seebacher.

The first game of the final day was played between England and Slovakia. Alexandra Bencikova was still ill and therefore could not play here normal level. Ladislav „Gran Papa“ was fighting as best as he can but could not avoid a big victory of the English team. The game ended 17:3 for the guys from the island.

„It was a wonderful game – I really enjoyed it!“ commented Agardi, PIPA representativ for Slovakia, after the game.

The last game of the tournament was played between Austria and Germany. „Cordoba on ice!“ only lasted for three chukkers as at the end three horses slipped on the snow. Umpire Dayus and Tournament Director Seebacher decided to end the game. After the game it turned out, that the German team had played with horses not in accordance equipped with spikes at all legs. „This normally is a reason for disqualification but the Austrian team did not file a complaint!“ was announced by the PIPA. Nevertheless the security checks will be more tight AUT GER Day 3 4in order to avoid such issues as this is against the PIPA´ s understanding of horsemanship. The game between Austria and Germany ended 3:5 after the third chukker which was a pity for the Austrian team as they got better and better at the end and maybe could have played a draw or even win the game.


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