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On this page you find always the latest information and excerpts of applicable terms and conditions of participation at the PIPA World Cup events. In case of questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


The nomination fee per player per event is 1.000,- Euros including green fee, stabling (3 horses per player), accomodation (double occupancy) at official event hotel for two nights and all side events. The registration fee for each team has to be paid by money transfer to the PIPA account IBAN: AT851200051562357416, BIC/SWIFT: BKAUATWW latest 4 weeks prior to each event the team wants to participate. Upon request PIPA can provide an invoice for the registration fee.

The registration is only valid in case the full Team Nomination Fees has been transferred to the official PIPA account. By withdrawal of registration the nomination fee will not be paid back.

Through PIPA horses can be rented by certified and accredidated Pony Suppliers. Registration as pony supplier can be done via the PIPA App.

A full position (12 chukkers) costs 2.500,- Euros all in. A half position (6 chukkers) costs 1.500,- Euros all in. Price might change for event location with a travel distance from PIPA headquarter in Vienna of more than 600 kilometers. Price changes are explicitly communicated!

In case of cancellation due to external issues such as weather or other external circumstances, PIPA holds the right to decide upon postponing the event or cancellation. Only in case of cancellation already paid registration and chukker fees are reimbursed. In case of late payment PIPA holds the right to disqualify players or entire teams.

The horses will be accomodated in stabling tents close to the event area. The costs include water and hay (please kindly bring along your own bins)


Tournament Reglement: PIPA VTO Reglement / HPA specs Vs 2016
Nomination: Through local PIPA Country Presidents


Medium/High Goal (Arena HC to be applied)
Player HC: 0 to +5 Goals
Playing Modus: with Handicap
Team HC: 0 bis +10 (2 players per team)/+15 (3 players per team)

For all player passports have to be provided upon request prior to tournament start

Official Head Umpire will confirm HCs prior to tournament start.Documentation of HC will be cross-checked and – if required – aligned. Listed and published National Polo Associations HC are taken as reference but not as binding standard.

PIPA umpire can and will overrule national HCs if required




Playing Mode:

Victory = 3 points
Draw = 1 point
Defeat = 0 pointsIn case of equal points the difference in goals is counted, if required team with higher number of goals scoared is in advantage

For the finals in case of a tie:

  • After 4th Chukker including 30 seconds a 5th Chukker is to be played ending with a „Golden Goal“
  • If no goal is scored in Chukker 5, then a penalty shooting will be played.

If a team does not play a match, this match will be counted as a defeat. If both teams do not play, for both teams that match is counted as a defeat.

The full Playing Mode will be announced after the closing date for National Team Nomination and the availability of accepted and registered teams.

An uneven number of teams causes the disqualififcation of the last registered National Team. Information of disqualification to be provided as soon as possible.

Registration Deadline: 2 weeks prior to each event via eMail to with all names, HCs (grass) and fotos of team players.
Offical Training Times: Will be announced prior to each event. Normally one day prior to event, arenas are open for trainings.
Playing Times: Will be published in alignment with weather forecast and outside temperatures

Changes due to weather conditions or other issues can be announced by the Tournament Director. On the last day of the tournament the big final is of prority to all other matches.

Captains Meeting: Will be announced prior to each event.
All National Team Captains have to attend.
Umpire: Will be nominated two weeks prior to tournament through PIPA Board.
Team Captain: One National Team Captain has to be named. Team Captain is responsible for teams to be ready on time. In accordance to captain´s country of registration the team nationality is defined.

The Organizing Committee together with the Tournament Director reserve their rights to impose a penalty if required.

During the games such penalties can also mean goals for the other teams.

All players and teams registered to fully accept this.


Venues that prevent the holding of tournaments by own misconduct despite „adequate conditions“ accept full compensation of PIPA for the resulting tangible and intangible damages caused by a penalty payment. For this, the PIPA Executive Committee will define a reasonable amount and charge due to pay immediately.

As adequate conditionsexternal conditions are deemed, under which, in terms of the amount of snow, the available infrastructure for the preparation and provision of a playing surface in alignment with PIPA standards as well as altitude of the site above sea level, a comparable venue would have properly deployed such an event.

The culpable venue waives the appeal of a court and fully acknowledges the obligation to pay the defned amount for reparation that is brought to its attention by the PIPA.

Insurances: The Organizer does not take any responsibilty. Each players must have their own general liability insurance. All activities prior, during and after the event are at one´s own risk. The Team Captain declares that all team and crew members have been informed about this liability exclusion.
Team Declaration: By participating the National Team Captain declares for himself and in the name of the nominated players to fully accept the content of this Tournament Series accouncement.

All International pulished FEI regulations in regard to human as well as animal doping as well as animal protection are binding.

Human Doping: In accordance to international FEI and PIPA reglement no player must participate if alcohol, illegal stimulants or other drugs and other substances have been taken or consumed.
Veterinarian WIll be announced at Team Meeting and will be on stand-by during training and playing times.
Sponsoring: The organizer has the right, to name sponsors for teams and provide special shirts.Teams must accept and use provided shirts and seat blankets during the entire event.
 Press Accreditation: Please contact us latest one week prior to event at
Accommodation: Partner Hotels will be named and distributed upon confirmation

Event Office

Mrs. Andrea Cortez

Press and Media & MEDIA
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