Day 1

Snow Arena & SeekirchlEverything was right in time ready for the beginning of the games. Official Head Umpire Sean Dayus and tournament director Uwe Seebacher approved the Snow arena at Seefeld during the thursday evening team presentation: „One of the best arena conditions we have ever had – and much better than most other snow polo tournaments!“

The Teams Woods at Night
In the first game of the day Germany and England were playing. Throughout the entire chukker the game was equal and open. Joe Reinhardt obviously played better than his official DPV handicap and made many cool moves and turns. Tim Ward for England just got back from South Africa, where he was playing on grass. Insiders could realize in the first two chukkers that Tim had to get acquainted to the snow polo conditions. Due to the fabulous play of Chris von Eupen, the incredible runs of Tim and Mark were not always as successful as they could have been. In the end the Germans had bad luck as Tim Ward could get a goal out of a penalty in the last seconds of the fourth chukker. Overall the En
ENG GBR Day 1glish guys delivered as expected but the Germans exceeded the expectations with a wonderful game against England. Congrats to both teams.

ENG GBR Day 1 2



Results: ENG : GER
Chukker 1: 0:0
Chukker 2: 2:1
Chukker 3: 3:3
Chukker 4: 4:3

The second game of the day was played between Austria and the Slovakian team. The Austrian team could already in the first chukkers make the first goals to get in the lead. Throughout the entire game Austria stayed in the lead even though Alexandra and Ladislav Agardi played wonderful and a strategically well set up game.


Uwe Seebacher showed his already famous moves and nice walk-throughs during the chukkers 3 and 4.

Results: AUT:SLK
Chukker 1: 2:1
Chukker 2: 3:2
AUT SLK Day 1Chukker 3: 6:4
Chukker 4: 8:6

Ranking after day 1:
1) Austria (goal diff.)
2) England
3) Germany
4) Slovakia



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