Review 2015

This was the 2015 PIPA Snow Polo Championship Tour. The largest snow polo tour again was the one with the highest media values and TV on-air times. In 2015 for the first time the tour was featured in the Russian-Asian region by our local mediapartner EURASIAN POLO LEAGUE and the exclusive global media partner for the first time was the POLO TIMES. „We thank Lucy and the entire Polo Times team for such a wonderful cooperation. The Polo Times is the leading international polo magazine and therefore – as the PIPA tour become global event series we need the best partners in all areas to work with!“ states Chris A. Adam, newly announced PIPA Vice President for Marketing.

England won the tour with Tim Ward, Mac Aberle and Chris Voelkers. Second place Austria with Uwe Seebacher, Klarina Pichler and Benjamin Darroux. Germany ended up on third position with Captain Joe Reinhard, Stefan Coszma and Marc van Eupen.

England was mounted by A Quechua World of Polo ponies trained and based at A Quechua Poloschool/club Kumberg/Graz. „The ponies were fast, powerful and still easy to control and play!“ stated Tim Ward after one of the games.

Most valuable tour pony: Ornella, 12 years, A Quechua World of Polo
Most valuable female tour player: Alexandra Bencikova, Team Slovakia
Most valuable male tour player: Joe Reinhard, Team Germany

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