Review 2016

The 2016 PIPA Snow Polo World Cup Tour has been a huge success. Thousands of spectators attended at the events and could see high class, technical and fast games as well as some nice partys and side events. The tour could gain a huge media presence and got covered by largest newspapers as well as by Austrian Broadcasting (ORF) and leading international polo media. With thousands of spectators, the tour has been a huge succes and continues it’s sustainable growth. As the 2016 tour is in the history books now, PIPA is already setting up the 2017 Snow Polo World Cup Tour. Beside the globally largest snow polo tour, PIPA is also organizing an own Ladies Snow Polo World Cup Tour with up to three events.

2016 Snow Polo Champions: Seebacher, Pichler, Polledo (f.l.t.r) (C) Stöckl

2016 Snow Polo  Champions: Seebacher, Pichler, Polledo (f.l.t.r) (C) Stöckl

2016 PIPA Snow Polo World Cup Tour Top 5 table:

  1. Austria / 14 points
  2. England / 12 points
  3. Germany / 6 points
  4. USA / 5 points
  5. Italy, South Africa / 4 points

For Austria this is the second World Champion title on Snow after 2014. In 2015 Austria took second place behind the polo nation England. This year the Austrian polo national team could win the tour as the team played all tour events. England missed one event and thus ended up missing some essential points, as well as Germany.

„Our victory was made possible by the A Quechua horses that were well trained and in top form“, so 2016 tour champions Benjamin Darroux.

„The Bad Gastein event has been my favourite tournament, thrilling till the end“, states Englands playing captain and crowd pleaser Tim Ward.

Facts & Figures of the 2016 PIPA Snow Polo World Cup tour:

  • 4 events (2 cancellations)
  • 10 hours TV footage
  • 12 tournament days
  • 20 side events
  • 40 hours high goal snow polo
  • 80 ponies
  • 245 printed clippings and features
  • 11.500 visitors
  • 12.500 nights
  • cumulated on site value creation: 800.000,- Euros
  • internet visibility (not including Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.):
    • 50,90 % North America
    • 34,82 % Europe
    • 13,18% Asia
    • 0,66 % South America
    • 0,13 % Africa
  • average online reach per day: 25.000
  • direct visitors: 92 %

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